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Making complete students in mind and skills.
Bridging the gap between students and professionals.

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About Us

The first year in the university is taken very seriously by Nigerian students with the intention of getting good grades.This is commendable, but as innocent students, they are likely to make certain wrong decisions as they approach the second year due to a faultily established mindset.

Many students assume that there is one sure existing path to achieving success–graduate with good grades, get employed, stick to it until retirement. Unfortunately, this is not usually the case for students who might lose interest or never had interest in their course of study or those who would become drop-outs. Also, some students have to hustle alongside studying and at the end, they graduate with low grades and no boast-worthy skills. This category of students are usually uncertain and confused and would say "I don't know what to do" or "I want to do this but I don't know how to start" and so on. Sadly, students who proceed with unsure decisions due to lack of guidance live to pay the consequences of doing so for the rest of their lives.

At Gemmine, we provide mentorship and guidance to students to help them fix these uncertainties through regular mentoring sessions and tasks that teach soft skills required to handle the different uncertainties of life.

We also train students on digital skills. We do this differently by being close and regularly available to help unstuck them in both hard and soft skills related situations. At Gemmine, students would understand that they do not have to be graduates before they can make a great deal of themselves or influence other people. Our students become Gems that others look up to while in school and afterwards.

Mentorship (Soft Skills)

Attend Sessions and Class where Softskills are taught

Take on weekly life-changing tasks (ACT!)


Learn how to Manage School while gathering the skills needed to have an edge in your choose Career...

Critical thinking, Remote working, Progress Tracking, Self-Confidence, Time Management and so much more

Life Changing Tasks

Practicalize all you learn under the watchful eyes and guidiance of our Facilitators and see your growth skyrocket!

Profitable Relationships

Connect with Students that are Strategically building their Careers...

Meet and chat with Professionals succeeding in their choosen Fields


Some of the Professionals we've had speak at Gemmine are:

Hard Skills

Each track offers a project-based approach to learning hirable skills.

Successful completion guarantees an Internship

Web Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Hosting, Best Practices

Python Programming

Data Structures, Data types, OOP, Modules, Web scraping and Bots development

Graphics Designing

Fundamental design concepts, tools (Canva, Adobe photoshop, Illustrator e.t.c) to create remarkable designs and creative design projects.

3D Design

BRep/Solid Modelling with Fusion360, Sculpting, Simulation, Rendering, Hardware Product Design


To be pacesetters for the reconstruction of the Nigerian education system.


  • Making complete students in mind and skills.
  • Providing excellent mentorship
  • Pushing students to their best in their choice of career by taking on projects and connecting industrial and real-life opportunities to them, allowing them to gain practical industrial experience in their choice of career while being students.
  • Bridging the gap between students and professionals.
  • Providing financial literacy
  • Growing leadership, managerial and entrepreneurial skills in students


Here are what some of our gems are saying about us

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it only specific schools like OAU and UNILAG that can be a part of gemmine?

No, as long as you are a Nigerian student. You can be a gem.

How will I be able to combine GemMine with my course work?

Yes, the schedule of sessions and classes were developed by high ranking students taking course-works into consideraton.

GemMine also teaches Time Management to assist students in transitioning into a new productive life-style

Is the skill development program remote?

Yes, it is all remote.

Will I get jobs?

Interships are guaranteed for students that attain over 70% practical performance in their chosen skill

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Making complete students in mind and skills and bridging the gap between students and professionals.

Lagos, Nigeria 100001


+234 8058 363 520